More pictures from Thomas’ sculpture portfolio

Thomas: “For this gallery, I have chosen some work that took a long time to make and some that was rather simple. For me, it is the idea that matters, and sometimes an idea can be a simple one.”


Sit Back

Sit Back. Thomas: The whole of this sculpture was made with second-hand wood and bolts. As you can see, it is anatomical. Below are some of the sketches I made when developing the idea."


Sit Back, from above



Sit Back detail showing bolts


Sit Back front view


Sketch of a friend sitting. Thomas: "This sketch was the basis of the sculpture."


Thomas: "After sketching my friend in his seat, I imagined his skeleton inside. Sit Back is based on the skeleton."


Thomas: "This is a more practical sketch. It translates the idea into something that can be made."


Sit Back side view


Sit Back chair. Thomas: "I joined three planks and carved them into the shape of a chair seat."


Selected Fragment



Selected Fragment. Thomas: "I found a window in a skip and thought it was a shame to waste it, so I created a wall fragment for it. It probably should have been made of brick!"


Selected Fragment: indoor view. Thomas: "Even the wallpaper was second-hand leftovers, as was the plasterboard. The picture frame is made from old architrave."



Selected Fragment: outside view


Selected Fragment


 Kidney Hammock


Kidney Hammock. Thomas: "it is amazing how all our organs and intestines fit inside. This simple sculpture was an experiment, looking at the mass of two clay kidneys and a vertebrae."


Kidney Hammock side view


Kidney Hammock detail




Heartbreak. Thomas. "Sometimes simple ideas are the best."


Hearbreak side view





Interaction. Thomas: "This idea uses second-hand wood (some of it machine planed) and second-hand bolts. In fact, they were third-hand, as I'd recycled them from the Sit Back sculpture!"


Interaction from behind


Ideas for Interaction


More sketches for Interaction






Cocoon. Thomas: "I loved the look and feel of this garden material, which is a kind of fleece designed to protect plants from frost. It was like a spider web. This sculpture was a reaction to the materials I'd found."



Inside the cocoon. Thomas: "The canes were off-cuts from the garden. They made great ribs."


A visitor


Cocoon from above


Cocoon sketch. Thomas: "This is an early idea for a rib sculpture, made before I came across the garden fleece and canes."


Coccon sketch. Thomas: "This sketch was made on site. Sketching helps you to focus on what you are doing."



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