In Part 4 we take a look at some more pictures of Decoy Studios. There’s so much to see!


Cenzo At Desk 21

Cenzo at the SSL G6000 console


Cenzo Corner 03

A rack of amps and pedals, including some of Cenzo’s beloved Audio Kitchen amps


Cenzo Pro Tools Rack 11

Racks in the mix room, including the Pro Tools HDX system


Cenzo Low Rack 04

Various racks in the mix room


Cenzo Low Rack 03

Rack including the Analogue Tube AT101 and Lavry converter


Cenzo Single Rack 03

Yes another rack in the mix room, mainly comprising effects and processors


Cenzo Rack 09

Plenty more gear, including Empirical Labs EL8-X Distressors, Chandler TG1 and Smart Research C2


The Library booth:


Cenzo Booth 14

The studio has large booth which uses books to help control the sounds of the room, inspired by Jimmy Hogarth


Cenzo Mic 03

A nice place to cut vocals!


Cenzo Booth 01

The booth has a window through to the control room


Cenzo Booth 09

A rare Univox organ


The Live Room:


Cenzo Live Room 02

The live room is also a place where artists can relax


Cenzo Live Room Ampeg 02

Ampeg B15


Cenzo Rhodes 01

Rhodes Mark 1 Stage piano


Cenzo Live Room 06

1960s Ludwig House Kit


Cenzo Live Room Fender 01

The essential Fender Twin


Cenzo Live Room Guitars 01

Classic guitars…


Cenzo Mix Strips 02



The Control Room:


Cenzo ASP 02

The mix room featuring Audient ASP 8024 36-input analogue console with 20 channels of Class A Neve 1073 and 1066 microphone amplifiers amplifiers


Cenzo Sidecar 02

The Neve sidecar


Cenzo Radar 01

The iZ Radar 24 system which Cenzo say sounds exceptional


Cenzo Pro Tools Rack 09

64-input Pro Tools HD3 system



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