In Parts 1 and 2, Thomas Flint talked about his work, explaining why he uses found and recycled materials to make sculpture. Part 3 provies some more examples of his work, which we didn’t have space for in Parts 1 and 2!


 City Map

City Map. Thomas: "Made from scrap metal, this sculpture is based on a map of a city. The roads radiate out from the centre, but have become legs."


City Map centre


City Map sketch



City Map rib/minor road detail


City Map back view


City Map poised....


Lead Shelter


Lead Shelter. Thomas: "This sculpture is protected by lead, but has a soft velvet inside."



Lead Shelter from the side



Lead Shelter detail



Lead Shelter: top detail



Lead Shelter top detail



Sketch idea for Lead Shelter



Lead Shelter top


Down To Earth


Down to Earth. Thomas: "This sculpture looks a little like a carriage. It has a book shelf at the back, an old leather suitcase on top and various fragments of houses, furniture and household technology in its construction. It is called Down to Earth because although it stands on a fake marbled plinth, it still has one foot on the ground.”


Down To Earth under construction in the studio... Thomas: "This was a complicated piece but also one I was very pleased with. Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to take some better pictures before it was delivered to its new owner."


Early sketch for Down To Earth



Down To Earth side view


Later sketch for Down To Earth


Back view of Down To Earth




Solar. Thomas: "I was very pleased with the mix of materials used in this sculpture."



Solar back view



Solar detail




Solar side view


Card skull series…


Under Skin. Thomas: This is one of my card skull models. This one comes complete with ligaments and muscles made from foam packaging, and bubble wrap lungs!"



Under Skin taking a rest



Talking skulls



Two skulls



Newspaper skull



Skull detail



Newspaper skull


 Boat Sculpture Series

In Part 1 Thomas spoke about his boat sculpture photo session. Here are some more pictures from the series:







Four Girls



Boat Cap Man


Paul and the police


Two girls in the boat


Paul and a passing girl have a chat


A vicar


Old guy


Motorbike Man




First ideas for the Boat Sculpture


Plan drawing made during the project



Further ideas...


Boat in the cloister




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